A series of heads of women from around the world, each starts with the same Styrofoam base which is covered in strips of appropriately-colored metallic marble paper, keeping the inherent design of the paper. After thorough research, an authentic-looking headdress is created from paper and other media and adorned with beads and other embellishments. The theme of the series is that we may have different customs, challenges and opportunities, but we all have similar dreams and aspirations for ourselves and our families. We should look beyond each other's “strange” costumes and customs to discover the beliefs and challenges we share. Each is approx. 16" tall.

Amish Cap

Cambodian Krama


Haida Hat

Hawaiian Haku Lei


Inuit Anorak

Japanese Tsumami Kanzashi


Malaysian Terendak

Maori Headband


Mongolian Toortsog

Muslim Hijab


Native American Feather Headdress

Nigerian (Yoruba) Gele


Peruvian Montera

Russian Povyazka


Scottish Tammy

South Asian Dupatta


Spanish Mantilla

Ukranian Ochipok


Welsh Hat


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